A new beginning

Today is the first of the year for me. I paused everything. I took 4 days of pure relaxation. I walked a lot. I cleared my mind. I needed it. I recommend everyone to do this every now and then. It is comparable to media diets or intermittent fasting. They are good. They charge up and show you the way to go.

I have changed often. I have always been very fickle on the web. And I still am. I like to experiment. I like to test. I’ve been in WordPress for more than 10 years. I embraced full site editing almost immediately. I have no problem leaving the old ways to take on new ground.

Today is a new beginning. A personal blog. A place to trace my path to freedom.

What do I mean by freedom?

Choose the projects in which it is worth investing my professionalism and my precious time. I’m not interested in having a million euros in the bank.

Let’s go! #buildinpublic